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We are constantly innovating and improving Morning Report Pro. If you have any ideas for cool features email me at MR Pro Support Here are some future features:
  • More abnormal rhythms
  • Send invites to join
  • Edit your avatar image
Each Program has one or more "Owners" that can give other users access to Build and Present cases.
There are 3 Levels or Roles in Morning Report Pro.
  1. "Owner" lets you assign roles and deactivate users in your program.
  2. "Presenter" lets you Build, Edit, and Present cases.
  3. "Candidate" lets you just view cases that are being presented.
As an Owner, you should have a menu item named "Dashboard". It will list all the user's in your program and allow you to change their roles by clicking the checkboxes. The changes will take effect the next time they log in.
The first person to sign up from a program is assigned the Owner role. Everyone after that is designated a Presenter. The original Owner can then assign other users from the program as Owners. There is no limit to the number of Owners. Everyone is a Candidate.
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